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The Arc of North Central Virginia proudly released our disability awareness video entitled “We Are More Alike Than Different” in 2019. The video was produced by a FCPS student during an internship with us in Fall 2018. This 4-minute video features 5 local young adults with disabilities sharing about their high school experience, and highlights 5 focal points to consider when interacting with people with disabilities. While the video was developed with a primary goal of building awareness in high school, it has an appeal and message for people of all ages.

Summer Speaker Series

Social Security Benefits in Future Planning

Presenter: Cortney Heykoop, Owner Clover Leaf Wealth Strategies

During this workshop, Cortney Heykoop shares strategies on planning for your retirement and the financial future of your child, which are interwoven in many ways. Cortney also provides an overview of Social Security Basics, Supplemental Social Security (SSI), Social Security Disability, and the Adult Disabled Child Benefit (SSDI). The impact of divorce and parental retirement on benefits is discussed as well.


DIY Tech Solutions Empowering Independence, Social Engagements, Employability, and Inclusion

Presenter: Kevin Winslow, Development Director, MPower Me

MyGuide is a cognitive functioning support device that helps individuals increase independence in activities, thought processes, and social interactions. Responsive, multimedia Guides empower users to participate in any environment in more meaningful ways. Users can share remote access to their existing support system, enabling collaborative participation in Guide building, scheduling, and reviewing Guide-playing reports . Presentation will include a demonstration and explanation of how service can be covered through waiver and Medicaid benefits.

Financial Planning to Protect Benefits

Presenter: Cortney Heykoop, Investment Advisor, Clover Leaf Wealth

Participants will learn the why's, what's, and how's of ABLE Accounts, Special Needs Trusts, and other tips that help people with developmental disabilities avoid financial pitfalls. Special considerations may be necessary to plan for long term support while protecting benefits.

FREE Transportation Options

Presenter: Libbi Moore, Voltran Coordinator

Learn about transportation options for older adults, persons with disabilities, and anyone with a need of transportation in our 5-county region, and how to access them.

Tech Options for Independence and Safety at Home

Presenter: Melissa Blackburn, Community Development, Safe in Home

Participants will be invited to share current challenges to independence and "what keeps you up at night”. Presentation includes explanation of a wide variety of technology and options for covering costs though wavier and Medicaid benefits.

Printable Resources

Dreaming of Continuing to Higher Education Flyer (PDF) - This flyer was developed and distributed in collaboration with PEATC in February of 2020​

Cooking Resources (PDF) - this PDF is full of resources for families to use while in the kitchen! You can access recipes with pictures, cooking videos, nutritional tips, and much more!

Support for Adults with IDD

This document lists general, employment, medical, and recreational supports for adults with IDD.

Medicaid Waiver Supports: Who to Contact (PDF) - This resource outlines the roles of the team of providers who support services when a family member has a CCC+ or DD Medicaid Waiver. A short description of the role(s) of the person/organization is listed, along with a fill-able area to personalize with the name and contact information for supports. Additional Contacts can be added on the reverse. You can also request a printed copy by emailing us at in**@ar******.org

Helping Individuals with DD Wear Face Masks (PDF) - compiled in collaboration with PEATC and Benevolence United, this flyer was created to help individuals with disabilities learn to wear face masks. Included are links to a variety of informational videos, social stories, and other teaching resources, as well as options for motivating fabrics and styles.

In the Press

Piedmont Lifestyle - April 1, 2019

Feature Article about Arc of North Central Virginia

Piedmont Lifestyle - 2018

The Arc of North Central Virginia and the Arc of Greater Prince William teamed up to create their first ever disAbility Resource Guide

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