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Virtual Cafés: For Parents / Caregivers

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Arc of NCV Virtual *Lunch* Room: 

For Self-Advocates and Supporters

To Register: Email us at

Tues-Thurs: Noon-12:45 pm

Fri & Sat: 7:00- 7:30 pm

FREE to attend, but registration is required.


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Medicaid Waiver Supports: Who to Contact

This resource outlines the roles of the team of providers who support services when a family member has a CCC+ or DD Medicaid Waiver.  A short description of the role(s) of the person/organization is listed, along with a fill-able area to personalize with the name and contact information for supports.  Additional Contacts can be added on the reverse.

You can view the resource HERE or request a printed copy by emailing us at


Helping individuals with DD Wear Face Masks

This flyer was created to help individuals with disabilities learn to wear face masks. Included are links to a variety of informational videos, social stories, and other teaching resources, as well as options for motivating fabrics and styles.

Download the flyer HERE

The flyer was compiled in collaboration with PEATC and Benevolence United.  

Our COVID-19 Family Resource Guide can be found HERE

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