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Spotlight on Mark



When asked what three words encompass his personality, his mom chose: happy, compassionate, and spunky.

He is perceptive of others’ feelings.

Mark enters any event without hesitation, soaking up the layout and vibe.

He greets everyone with a smile!

Mark has a unique gift of being able to see the best in everyone.

He does not judge anyone based on ability or status.

Mark accepts people he meets as friends, and wants everyone to be happy and content.

Helping others makes Mark happy. He finds joy in the simplest of activities.

Mark loves taking walks, swimming, dancing, shopping, and painting.

He signs “happy” but you can already tell by his smile.

Mark can be seen around town at some of his favorite spots, especially Wendy’s (enjoying a chocolate frosty).

He is also a big fan of the slide at the WARF in Warrenton.

Mark and his mom Lynne have been involved with The Arc of North Central Virginia since the very beginning.

Our community events are where Mark thrives. He also sometimes participates in the Arc@Home creative activities.

Mark’s mom says: “I wish the community had fully accessible recreational parks as the standard. And for schools to have inclusion for ALL students from kindergarten through high school.”

Mark - You make us happy! Thank you for being a part of The Arc of NCV.