The Arc of North Central Virginia is committed to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their full potential through building community awareness, acceptance and capacity for support, to ensure that they are valued as classmates, coworkers, neighbors, citizens and friends.




People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued as classmates, coworkers, neighbors, citizens and friends.


Provide Individual Consultations: 

Direct in-person, telephone, and email support is available for individuals and families who need information and referrals to services.


Host Family Programs and Events: 

Educational and social programs offer critical information and build connections for people with DD and their families.  Some examples include Parent Cafés, Family Picnics, and Educational Forums.  


Develop Local Resources:  

Targeted directories, videos, and reference documents help families access local supports and services, and build community acceptance of people with DD in our area.


Partner with Local Organizations: 

Partnerships with other local public and private organizations in our area increase

opportunities, optimize resources, and broaden awareness of The Arc’s mission

throughout our community.


Collaboration with Other Arc Chapters: 

As a small chapter in the expansive Arc network, The Arc of NCV strives to collaborate wherever possible with other regional and state chapters, amplifying our voice on behalf of individuals with DD and optimizing our effectiveness as an organization.




2020-2021 Board Members and Officers:

Amy Hunter, President
Frederique Vincent, Vice President
Julie Householder, Treasurer
Suzanne Bowers, Secretary
Lillian Arevalo
Edward Jones
Paula Stone